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Jeffrey Lewis - Hymnus Ante Somnum
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Gerald Finzi's fame probably rests most securely on his songs - particularly is miraculous settings to Thomas Hardy - and on the bittersweet Clarinet Concerto written uner the shadow of the leukaemia that was to claim him in his mid-fifties. The choral music presents a rather different Finzi - here he is in celebratory mood, extrovert and full of joy, revelling in the extravagant images of the text.


Recorded at Bury Parish Church 12 May 2012

Sir William Walton's precocious gift is nowhere better illustrated than in the short anthem he wrote as a fifteen-year-old chorister as Christ Church Cathedral School in Oxford. The expressive dissonances anticipate the opening of Balshazzar's Feast ( By the waters of Babylon...) written in 1931.


Recorded at Bury Parish Church 12 May 2012

The anthem Greater Love Hath No Man is a fairly early work - it dates from 1912 - for which Ireland chose texts from the Song of Solomon and the Gospel of St John. Like Holst, composing 'Mars' for The Planets, Ireland seems uncannily to have anticipated the shadow that was to fall over war-torn Europe shortly afterwards.


Recorded at St Mary's Church  Lymm 1 July 2012

Hymnus Ante Somnum is a some what thought provoking work. The aim of any serious composer is, in some way, to alter our perception of time, at it's simplest level by imposing a rhythmic or formal structure upon it. Imagine the moment just prior to walking, however, where an external event seems to expand and become incorporated into a dream scenario - that is the illusion so magically suggested by the music of Jeffrey Lewis. It is the extension of a single point of stillness into a line, measurable in time, but experienced outside it.


Recorded at Bangor Cathedral April 2003

 Anon 13th Century, "O come, O come, Emmanuel! Redeem they captive Israel,

That into exile drear is gone, Far from the face of God's dear Son,

Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel."

 Recorded at St Mary's Church Stockport 24 November 2012






Cd's of the concert recorded on 12th May 2012 at Bury Parish Church will be available at the next rehearsal priced at £2-00.

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The recording of the concert made on 1st July 2012 in Lymm has partially been uploaded into the archive page, click here to view audio list. More of the concert will be uploaded into this space along with other compositions by Jeffrey Lewis performed by Alteri at Manchester Cathedral.


Altèri released a disc of carol arrangements by Philip Spratley in 2011 - A Carol for all Seasons (HCD1112), choral and organ music by Philip Spratley - is available from Hoquetus Records (